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  • Can I bring in my own glass to drink out of?
    We provide disposable plastic drinking cups, but if you'd prefer to drink out of glass you may bring your own glass in. Please be careful as our concrete floor is not very forgiving about glass. We also sell stemless ARTini's souvenir wine glasses for $5.
  • Do I have to draw?
    Yes and no. There are many paintings that do not require stencils, such as landscapes. Anything that is more involved or has many shapes will be stenciled for you ahead of time.
  • Do I need to bring any supplies?
    No, all painting supplies are provided for you.
  • Do you accept walk-ins for evening classes?
    Yes, however to insure that you do have a seat, it's strongly suggested that you register online to secure your seat - especially on weekends.
  • Do you do in-home parties?
    Yes! We understand that you might want to paint in the comfort of your own home or perhaps not drink while you're out and wait to drive home. And in-home party will increase in cost as we must pack and bring the party to you. Please call us at the studio to inquire about our off-site services. 706.353.8530
  • Do you have children's sessions?
    We don't necessarily have anything specifically stated as a "child's class", although many weekend day classes tend to be more enjoyable subject matters for children. Keep your eye on the calendar to see if we're offering something your child will like.
  • How do I sign up for a class?
    Simple! Go to our Calendar and select the painting or evening you'd like to join us. Fill in the necessary information & click "Get Signed Up". The next screen is the secure payment screen. (I realize it feels like you're repeating information, but the reservation information is completely separate from the payment information.) If you do not complete the payment process online, please call the studio at 706.353.8530 to confirm your seat.
  • Is parking available?
    Bottleworks has a small horseshoe shaped lot right off of Prince. You can try your luck there. OR, there is a large Bottleworks parking lot BEHIND the complex on Meigs.

    Bottleworks is now charging for parking and managing the lot in order to cut back on people parking in our lots and going elsewhere. It is free for the first 1.5hours, then $2 for the next 1.5 hours, then it goes up to $4 if you're here longer than 3 hours. This has actually cut back on the abuse of our parking lots greatly, so there is always room for Bottleworks patrons. There is street parking all around, and the businesses across Prince that close at 6pm don't tow. I always suggest carpooling, anyhow, to cut back on energy and space consumption. Also Uber & Lyft are great options, especially if you plan to consume alcohol.
  • Is there an age requirement?
    You know your child best. If you have a younger child who wants to paint at an evening class, this is allowed provided you stay with them. The evening classes will go 2 - 3 hours, and your child will need to pay attention for this time span. Ages 15 and older may attend class without an adult chaperon.
  • May I bring in alcoholic beverages?
    No, you may not. It is the law - It is Clarke County ordinance which does not permit establishments such as ours to allow people to bring in their own alcohol.

    We are therefore licensed to sell wine & beer for consumption on premises. We have a nice selection of red, white, sparkling wine, as well as sodas, Vitamin Water, Coconut water, and juices.
  • May I pay at the door?
    Yes, you may pay at the door, but it does keep everything streamlined at the front desk if you pay online. If you prefer to pay at the door, just call or email in your reservation: 706.353.8530 or

    If you have a pay at the door reservation, and you are no longer able to attend, please call us to let us know not to expect you.
  • What does it cost to attend an evening class?
    *Most* Tuesday - Saturday evening classes are $35 and the sessions start at 7pm. Sessions will last 2-3 hours. *Most* Monday sessions are $25 & start at 6:30pm, and last about 2 hours. *Most* weekend daytime sessions are $25 and 2 hours, as well. All specific details can be found within each calendar items. All materials are provided. Drinks must be purchased separately.
  • What is Open Studio?
    ARTini's studio is available for Open Studio from 12pm to 5pm Tuesday through Friday, BY APPOINTMENT. Open Studio is instructor-free, but depending on what you choose to paint, you may or may not have written directions, and I'm always here to help. Cost for paintings from our calendar is $25, for "Free-Style" (something not one of our designs) cost is $20.
    You can check out our painting selections on our Facebook page. Copy and past this link:
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    **STARTING MARCH 22, 2020:
    Starting March 22nd, my payment portal, Stripe, will be charging me their fees for refunding payments. As it has been, when I refund payments 100% is refunded to you as the customer & 100% of the transaction fees have been refunded to me as the business owner. This will be ceasing March 22nd. Therefore I will be sticking to my stated policy that there will be no refunds unless it's a dire emergency & you can keep a credit to reschedule for 60 days. However still, any refunds issued will be LESS the Stripe transaction fee. So please, make sure you are committed to attending the class or that you're ok to reschedule within 60 days so we can avoid any snafus. Thank you for understanding!
    We understand that life happens, things happen.

    Much like any other activity that requires a ticket purchase, this type of business model runs on ticket sales & reservations. We prepare all stations in advance for our classes. This includes setting up the stations with the necessary supplies, including canvas and paint - unlike a dinner reservation (prepared once you arrive & order) or a doctor's appointment (both examples can squeeze someone else in if you couldn't make it).

    So PLEASE notify us in ADVANCE of your arrival if the number in your party has changed or if you need to cancel altogether. You may be able to find a friend to take your seat.

    REFUNDS: Only issued in emergency situations only or at owner's discretion.
    CREDITS: If within the 24 hour window & it is a circumstance outside of your control, we are happy to keep a credit in the system for you. Credits must be used within 60 days of the original class date.
    TRANSFER: You may also find someone else to use your purchase. Just notify so that we can note it in the system.

    We really appreciate your help with this!
  • What is your privacy policy?
    Please follow this link to view our Privacy Policy:
  • What should I wear?
    Aprons are provided, however you should still wear something that you won't be upset about if you do get paint on it. We make this announcement at the beginning of every class: If you do get paint on your clothing and you care about it, you need to get cold water and soap on it immediately! We cannot guarantee that it will come out later, and we will not be held responsible for any damaged clothing.
  • What time should I arrive?
    Please arrive a few minutes BEFORE 7pm. We try to be respectful of everyone's time, so we do our best to start as close to 7pm as possible & end by 10pm at the latest. This means allowing yourself enough time to find parking. Bottleworks has a small horseshoe shaped lot right off of Prince. You can try your luck there. OR, there is a large Bottleworks parking lot BEHIND the complex on Meigs. Sometimes all of this gets congested, but you may also park in businesses who close at 6pm, and you may use street parking as you can find it.