Something for Everyone!

With over 500 paintings in our library & tons of stencil design options, we're bound to have something for everyone. If you don't see a painting you like, we can very likely create it for your event. If it's truly an exclusive piece which we cannot use on the calendar again, the cost is $50 and you get to keep the original.

Click on an album to view the paintings. You will be linked out to Flickr.


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Current Pottery Options!

Merry Christmas Plaque  $15
Round Salad Plate 8"       $10
Football Coaster                $9
Paw Print Bowl                  $17
Soup Bowl                         $12
Kitty Bowl                          $9
Spoonrest                         $20
Sketched Unicorn Plate   $20
Square Salad Plate          $12
Ornaments:                      $6
   - Cat
   - Sun
   - Star
   - Wreath
   - Stocking
   - Paw Print
   - Snowman
   - Snowflake
   - Star of David
   - Vintage Truck
   - Football Helmet
   - Christmas Ornament
Ornaments:                    $10
   - Llama
   - Georgia state shape
   - Artist Palette