ARTini's ARTcamp Afternoons!

Helloooo Parents! We've finally got our ARTcamp game plan ready for you!

We're offering our week long camps starting next week through July. I've divided it into age groups this year, so please note the age group for the week you're signing up.

We'll be taking temps every day, and kids will be seated FAR apart, and we'll be doing lots of hand washing (as is pretty standard in an art studio). We'll do painting, wood signs, and pottery pieces. I'm sure we'll do random little things in between. Camps are a week long with an art show on Fridays where friends and family are welcome to come peruse the creations. We ask everyone to wear a mask at the art show since we'll be milling about in close quarters. If this is something you do not want to partake in just let me know and I'll have your child's items ready to go for you. We're happy to do whatever we can to make this as fun, safe, and comfortable for everyone as possible.

Sign up at the link below. Upon registration I'll send you a confirmation email with the waiver to be signed and brought with you the first day of camp. Thank you!