About ARTini's

ARTini's Open Art Studio, Gallery & Lounge

ARTini's was once only a twinkle in my eye.

I have never owned my own business, though I've been the right hand (wo)man to a number of successful business owners. It's from them I've learned (almost) everything I know regarding business.

I graduated with a BFA from Middle Tennessee State University in 1998 and immediately moved to Atlanta. Fearful of  being a starving artist I took on administration positions, working my way up to Executive Assistant, and learning everything I could along the way. The more my "real job" demanded of me, the less I kept with my art. I did some small shows, but mostly sold direct or accepted commissions. 

Admin put food on the table. Art fed my soul. I've been involved in a number of industries; hospitality, manufacturing, retail, medical office and I feel that this diverse experience has provided me with the knowledge I need. I knew I would own my own business one day - I just didn't know what, when or where.

In June 2010, a friend told me about a painting experience she had while visiting Denver, CO. She was so excited to tell me about it she bubbled over with enthusiasm, "The music was turned up, we were drinking some wine and painting along and had the best time!" She suggested that perhaps this is what I do for myself. I shook my head. I don't know...owning my own business...I'm comfortable now...who needs the stress. And I shelved it. 

Long story short, the economy almost cost me my job with J House Media (Shout out because they are A-mazing!). Thankfully, it didn't. But it woke me up. It's time. It's time to do something I love every day and it's time to use the gift I was given to give back. It excites me that I am able to share art and bring it to everyone. 

And voila. ARTini's was born!

More About Us:

Kate Cook, Owner/Artist Instructor
I've been drawing and painting since I could hold a pencil or brush, and my first legible image (which my parents still have) was of a woman. I took private instruction for pastel from the age of 8 to 12 and continued to take art lessons in grade school.  I went on to major in drawing and painting in college, during which I studied abroad in Tuscany, ultimately obtaining my BFA from Middle Tennessee State University in 1998. My work has been featured throughout metro Atlanta with many pieces in private collections - primarily commissions for "body portraiture."

For my own art, I love painting the human form - and if you know me and my affinity for the color black, you'll be shocked to learn I love to use lots and LOTS of color in my artwork. As for ARTini's art, I have definitely learned to "let it go" and not worry about perfection. I've learned how to teach others to create, and in a way that is fun & memorable. And, in that people who come to our classes regularly do learn some technique and skills that stick with them. I love what I do and I hope it shows! Thank you for the continued support from our clients & community!

Ali Phillips, Artist Instructor
Born and raised in Watkinsville, Ga, I was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by all types of artists. My family, friends, and neighbors have helped me develop skills from ceramics to photography through the past 28 years, but there’s something about painting that’s just down right messy fun! With a degree in art education from NGCSU, I hope to help navigate my students through the painting process/techniques with fun and entertainment. It makes my day when a student unlocks a new artistic ability and proudly posts their masterpiece. If you can dip a brush into paint, you can be an artist. Come paint with me and discover your creative side today! 

Allison Broeils, Artist Instructor
Hi! I am a senior at UGA, where I am pursuing an Entertainment major and Studio Art minor. I have always been surrounded by painting because my mom studied it in college. The result of that was a room in our house that was dedicated to painting, drawing, cutting, pasting, glitter, and pom poms. My mom would return from a trip to Hobby Lobby or Michael's with a bag full of random things on sale (seriously, she might have a problem), and I would create pipe-cleaner monsters or cardboard robots. I tried to narrow down my favorite artistic field in college, but I enjoy every medium from 3D design to weaving. I also LOVE making movies, and talking about movies & shows. Creativity in any shape or form is my favorite thing. I love helping people tap into this side of themselves!

"Creativity takes courage!" ~ Henri Matisse

Rachel McMath, Artist Instructor
I was born and raised in Marietta, GA to a family of teachers. And when I say family, I mean not only my parents, but also my aunts, grandmothers and a great grandmother too! I'm currently at UGA pursuing majors in Art and Art Education, therefore following in my family's footsteps. However, I will not only be the first of our teacher lineage to teach art, but also the first ever artist in the family. I'm a painter and illustrator first and foremost, but my classes at UGA have helped me develop an affinity for sculpture and ceramics, as well. My family are staunch believers in making a living out of what you love most. This job has been incredibly valuable experience for me and has reaffirmed that not only making art but also teaching it to others is indeed what I love most.

Thea Grindeland, Artist Instructor
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Carolyn Propst, Artist Instructor
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